Stoughton Comprehensive Plan Rewrite

Letter by Denise Duranczyk, former Alder and member of the Smart Growth Steering Committee, 2003-2005, to the Stoughton Courier Hub, March 5, 2017:

The City of Stoughton is in the process of updating its Comprehensive Land Use Plan.There are some significant changes proposed.

Did you know the draft plan adds 843 acres to the land use plan? Did you know that the present plan has 4,025 acres set aside for future development? Did you know that the projected land use through 2040 is 1,997 acres? We already have twice the projected land needed in our present plan for future development; therefore why add additional acreage? 

If you missed the answers to the above questions at the January Open Houses, it is because these questions were not addressed. It is difficult to get good feedback if the specifics of major changes are not discussed with the public. 

Another recommended change in the draft plan is “Accelerate the development of middle-class housing by preparing lands for residential growth in the City’s urban service area and constructing roads and/or utilities in anticipation of future residential development” (p. 133). Where would the city get the money to do these infrastructure improvements?  Would developers expect the city to do this for all developments? With 54% of the survey respondents noting that road maintenance was fair or poor, can we really afford this policy?

On March 13th at 7:00 pm another Open House will be held on the City’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan. It will be held in the conference room of the Fire Station. Please attend and ask that full disclosure be made regarding changes to the plan.