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"Never doubt
that a small group of committed people
can change the world;
indeed it is the only thing that ever has."
Margaret Mead


  • Stoughton

  • Dane County

  • Rock County

  • 2nd Congressional District

  • 1st Congressional District

  • Wisconsin

  • U.S.

  • Candidates who are officially endorsed by the Stoughton Area Democrats and Progressives

  • Advocate groups in neighboring communities

Stoughton Area School District -
Dane County
The Democratic Party of Dane County -
Democratic Party of Wisconsin 2nd Congressional District -
Chair: Christine Welcher, Stoughton
Representative to the Administrative Committee: Michael Martez Johnson
First Vice Chair: Ann DeGarmo
Second Vice Chair: Britt Cudaback
Treasurer: Zach Madden
Secretary: Debbie Fairbanks 
Alternate to the Administrative Committee in Place of Chair: Jackie Spaight
Alternate to the Administrative Committee in Place of Representative: Ian Oyler
Member of the Platform and Resolutions Committee for a 3-year term (June 2017-June 2020): Marilyn Feil
Alternate to the Platform and Resolutions Committee for a 1-year term (June 2017-June 2018): Chris Schmidt
Democratic Party of Wisconsin 1st Congressional District
Democratic Party of Wisconsin -
Democratic Party -
Democratic Governors' Association -
Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee -
Senate Democrats -
House Democrats -
Rock County Democrats -
Rock County Progressives -
Representative 43rd Assembly District (includes Rock County), Don J. Vruwink -
Representative 46th Assembly District (includes Dane County), Gary Hebl -
Mark Pocan -
Tammy Baldwin -
Blue Jean Nation -
County Line Progressives -
Deforest Area Progressives (Windsor, WI) -
Grassroots Citizens of Wisconsin -
Indivisible Madison -
Indivisible Stoughton (WI) -
Indivisible Wisconsin -
Madison Eastside Progressives -
One Wisconsin Now -
Our Wisconsin Revolution -
Progressive Dane -
Reedsburg Area Concerned Citizens -
Southwest Wisconsin Area Progressives -
Sun Prairie Action Resource Coalition -
United Fitchburg -
Wisconsin's Choice -
Wisconsin Democracy Campaign -
Wisconsin Grassroots Network -
Wisconsin Public Education Network -
Wisconsin Progressive Alliance -

Neighboring organizations

Columbia County
Columbia County Democratic Committee

Dodge County
Democratic Party of Dodge County, Wisconsin

Green County
Democratic Party of Green County

Iowa County
Iowa County Democrats of Wisconsin

Lafayette County
Democratic Party of Lafayette County, Wisconsin

Jefferson County
Democratic Party of Jefferson County (Wisconsin)  

Sauk County
Democratic Party of Sauk County, Wisconsin