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"Never doubt
that a small group of committed people
can change the world;
indeed it is the only thing that ever has."
Margaret Mead


  • Stoughton

  • Dane County

  • Rock County

  • 2nd Congressional District

  • 1st Congressional District

  • Wisconsin

  • U.S.

  • Candidates who are officially endorsed by the Stoughton Area Democrats and Progressives

  • Advocate groups in neighboring communities

Stoughton Area School District -
Dane County
The Democratic Party of Dane County -
Democratic Party of Wisconsin 2nd Congressional District -
Chair: Christine Welcher, Stoughton
Representative to the Administrative Committee: Michael Martez Johnson
First Vice Chair: Ann DeGarmo
Second Vice Chair: Britt Cudaback
Treasurer: Zach Madden
Secretary: Debbie Fairbanks 
Alternate to the Administrative Committee in Place of Chair: Jackie Spaight
Alternate to the Administrative Committee in Place of Representative: Ian Oyler
Member of the Platform and Resolutions Committee for a 3-year term (June 2017-June 2020): Marilyn Feil
Alternate to the Platform and Resolutions Committee for a 1-year term (June 2017-June 2018): Chris Schmidt
Democratic Party of Wisconsin 1st Congressional District
Democratic Party of Wisconsin -
Democratic Party -
Democratic Governors' Association -
Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee -
Senate Democrats -
House Democrats -
Rock County Democrats -
Rock County Progressives -
Representative 43rd Assembly District (includes Rock County), Don J. Vruwink -
Representative 46th Assembly District (includes Dane County), Gary Hebl -
Mark Pocan -
Tammy Baldwin -
Blue Jean Nation -
County Line Progressives -
Deforest Area Progressives (Windsor, WI) -
Grassroots Citizens of Wisconsin -
Indivisible Madison -
Indivisible Stoughton (WI) -
Indivisible Wisconsin -
Madison Eastside Progressives -
One Wisconsin Now -
Our Wisconsin Revolution -
Progressive Dane -
Reedsburg Area Concerned Citizens -
Southwest Wisconsin Area Progressives -
Sun Prairie Action Resource Coalition -
United Fitchburg -
Wisconsin's Choice -
Wisconsin Democracy Campaign -
Wisconsin Grassroots Network -
Wisconsin Public Education Network -
Wisconsin Progressive Alliance -